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L.AConfidential Cannabis Strain Info - Strain Spot

The Facts About L.AConfidential (DNA Genetics Seeds) :: Cannabis Strain Info Revealed

The LA Confidential strain was bred by DNA Genes. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid that comes from treasure genetics. This specific batch was grown by Buds and Roses utilizing Vegamatrix growing techniques. What Are The Genes Of The LA Confidential Strain?DNA Genetics released The LA Confidential strain in the early 2000's and it quickly gained a credibility as an acclaimed range of cannabis.

The awards must come as no surprise when you think about the LA Confidential pressure's pedigree. It is the result of crossing an unspecified Afghani landrace with OG LA Affie, a three way hybrid that was established circa 1978 by a northern California breeder named Johnny Que." OG LA Affie is a 3 method hybrid that was established circa 1978 by a northern California breeder named Johnny Que." The OG LA Affie pressure integrates treasure Lemon Thai, Pakistani landrace, and Colombian Gold genetics to create an unique aroma of fuel and lemon, comparable to that for which OG Kush is frequently praised for.

LA Confidential - Marijuana - Purchased from De Bolhoed - BushDoc reviewStrain Review: LA Confidential - The Marijuana Times

Today, the OG LA Affie stress can be obtained through Enthusiast, a collective of northern California breeders who specialize in crafting boutique-style marijuana. DNA genetics offers feminized seeds of OG LA Affie too. How Will The LA Confidential Marijuana Stress Impact Me? The LA Confidential pressure stood out on my current trip to Buds and Roses Collective in Studio City, CA.

They showed various tones of green, orange hairs, and bright white trichomes, producing a salivating photo shoot. The veganic LA Confidential pressure carried a bouqet with some remnants of the OG-like fragrance gotten out of its OG LA Affie mother. Nevertheless, the Afghani landrace genetics appears to have actually overpowered it rather.

All About LA Confidential Strain Review

In short, the results I experienced with this Buds and Roses' LA Confidential strain were anxiety lowering, yet believed provoking. Smoking it was perfect when I needed something to help block out unnecessary interruptions. I had the ability to focus on the job at hand in no time, which I associated to the Lemon Thai in its lineage.

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Think about giving it a shot if you are searching for something to assist anxiety, pain, chronic tension, and insomnia. - These statements have not been

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